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A summary of past Club events and activities

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Two New Archery Ranges Available for Members

Sparta Rod & Gun

The club has constructed two new archery practice ranges.  The first is a 40 yard range built on the upper club grounds (next to the playground equipment).  This ranges has three targets and is marked in 10 yard increments.  A second 80 yard range was constructed on the lower club grounds in the "pine plantation".  This range also has three targets and is marked in 10 yard increments. 

Both ranges support traditional, compound, and crossbow archery.  The only restriction is we do not allow broadhead arrows on either range.  Users must have a current membership or day pass.

Archery Range Upgraded

Sparta Rod & Gun

The club has rebuilt the archery range located next to the playground on the upper club grounds.  The range has three new targets and is marked in 10 yard increments from 10 to 40 yards. 

Special thanks go to Jon Giraud for heading up this project and to Ron Zeigler and Dennis Knoll for their assistance in constructing the new range.   

The club also plans on constructing a second archery range in the pine plantation this year.  We anticipate being able to provide targets for cross bows and up to a 100 yard firing line.

New Roof Over the 100-Yard Range

Sparta Rod & Gun

The club has constructed a roof over the 100 yard range firing line to provide shade and protection against inclement weather for shooters. 

This new roof covers the entire firing line and will increase the comfort of all users.  The roof is a major improvement. 

Special thanks go to Dale Simonson, Jon Giraud, Jeff Jerde, Pat Peck, Gordy Weber, and Bill Teoli for their efforts in constructing the roof.  Special thanks also go out to Rich, who donated the metal roofing for the job. 

Constuction took about 150 man hours to complete over the period of a week and was completed well under budget.  Our plan is to construct another shooting shelter over the pistol/50 yard range in 2014.  Again, thanks to all who assisted in this major undertaking.  

New Target Supports

Sparta Rod & Gun

The club installed new target support posts on the pistol range.  Do not place targets or other materials on the posts and then shoot at the posts.  It took a great deal of effort on the part of several club members to replace the splintered posts.

Master Plan

Sparta Rod & Gun

The club is planning on developing a master plan to improve club operations, facilities, and membership.  This plan, developed over the next several months, will address needed and desired capital improvements to all club facilities, enhance club operations, and increase membership participation in club activities.

If you wish to be part of this effort attend the November 2012 club meeting and help us initiate this strategic initiative.