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12740 Janus Ave
Sparta, WI, 54656
United States


Range Rules

All members must obey the following range rules.  Failure to do so may result in a lost of membership.

  1. Only shoot during shooting hours (8 AM to dusk)
  2. You must have a current club membership to use the ranges
  3. Hearing and eye protection recommended when using ranges
  4. Automatic, or simulated automatic fire is prohibited 
  5. Do not load weapon until physically on the firing line
  6. Keep muzzle pointing down range at all times
  7. Do not go forward of firing line unless all shooters on the firing line have cleared their weapons
  8. Clear your weapon before going down range. Leave action open and safety on when anyone is down range
  9. Do not handle firearms any time people are forward of the firing line
  10. No firearms allowed forward of the designated firing line for any reason, except a holstered pistol
  11. 7-yard target is for pistol shooting only
  12. Place targets on target boards between the 2x4s - do not place targets on target frames or support posts
  13. Do not shoot support posts
  14. No exploding targets of any type permitted on the ranges
  15. Do not use glass containers, plastic bottles, metal cans, or other form of trash and debris as targets
  16. Do not climb, walk, or place any targets on earthen berms
  17. Remove targets and pick up junk after shooting
  18. Return sandbags to locker when done
  19. Do not hog the shooting benches: each is a separate shooting point
  20. Ranges are for individual use only; group use must be coordinated with the Sparta Rod & Gun Club
  21. Respect others when shooting